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Nigerian Tennis: 13 Years After Leaving, Nothing Has Improved – Lakky Adeniran

Lakky Adeniran, a former Nigerian tennis player who left the country about 13 years ago, has revealed that he does not regret taking such decision even as he looks back down the years.

The Germany-based coach who now runs his own Academy, notes during an Instagram Live session with Nigeria Tennis Live, that he does not feel bad about leaving the country in 2007.

He explains that he first struggled, especially with language, when he first got to Germany, but he had to pick up quickly so as to be able to communicate more and engage his clients.

And 13 years down the line, he does not regret the move which he believes has helped his life become even better in every aspect.

“I don’t regret leaving Nigeria for a single day. Assuming Nigerian tennis or Nigeria generally is now better than how I left, I’d probably be regretting now. I’d have said I missed out on my opportunity,” Lakon explained during the conversation.

Speaking further, he notes categorically, how he could start his dream job while he’s away from Nigeria.

He said: “The most important reason I don’t regret leaving is that I am able to do my dream job. I have the opportunity to do it and I am doing it, so, here I am.

“The year that I left was the year I wrote my GCE and was about to write JAMB when the visa came so I had to take that decision. I decided to go, so, no regrets at all, trust me.”

Like Lakon, many Nigerians who have left the shores of the country in search of greener pastures, do not regret their actions as things are not getting any better with the tennis.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep our readers abreast with latest happenings as soon as activities resume across the country.


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