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J30 Abuja: People Warned Us About Coming To ‘Unsafe’ Nigeria – Parent

Annie Mo, the mother of one of the participating players at the ongoing J30 Abuja event, has revealed how she was discouraged from coming to Nigeria.

The Honkonger brought her son, Fu Wang Choi, to Nigeria for the two-week event and after his first match against Sani Yahaya Inabo, revealed that she was discouraged from attending the event.

In a brief chat with Nigeria Tennis Live after the match, Annie explained that people in Hong Kong and China would not stop telling her about the dangers of coming to Nigeria, but she insisted on attending the J30 Abuja event.

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When our correspondent asked her if she came all the way from Hong Kong or if they had other tournaments in Africa before coming to Nigeria, she said: “We came all the way from Hong Kong because we saw that there were fewer players here.

Fu Wang Choi

“It was a tough call because a lot of people discouraged us from coming. They told us that it was dangerous to come to Nigeria.

“I’m still afraid of the mosquitoes, because I don’t want to have malaria, but about the danger, there’s nothing of such here.

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“Everybody here gave a different impression of Nigeria that was different from what people said, because a lot of people warned us about coming around”.

When asked specifically why people said traveling to Nigeria was dangerous, Mrs. Mo said: “They said that Nigeria is very dangerous and that it’s not safe there, especially for women.

“But sometimes, it is good for you to go to places people call dangerous to see for yourself. Everybody here has been very very nice to us and they are very friendly too.

“From the Tournament Director, who is a very kind and honest man, to the officials and everyone here, has treated us well, it’s not the same as what they told us”.



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