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ITF U-18 Junior Circuit: Oyinlomo Gutted By Loss To Egyptian, Vows To Bounce Back Stronger

Nigeria’s Oyinlomo Quadri has lost her bid to make it to the quarter final of the ongoing ITF U-18 Junior Circuit in Lome, Togo. She lost 1-6, 1-6 to Egyptian player, Yassin Azzat.

But the player is not totally wrecked by the outcome of the match as she seems more determined to make up for the loss and get back stronger and better after the painful defeat.

Nigerian Tennis Live had reported that Oyinlomo, who defeated the Egyptian top seed to clinch the Girls Singles title in the first leg, was determined to continue her fairytale run in the competition, but was stopped by the energetic player.

A disappointed Oyinlomo has vowed to bounce back stronger in the next leg of the tournament.

But more than the loss, the youngster believes working more in the next phase of the competition is what best suits her.

According to excerpts obtained by Nigerian Tennis Live, she said: “Nothing seemed to have worked out during the match.

“My head was very clear, not that I was worried.

“When I returned for the second set, I was to repeat what I did in Ghana. That okay, she won the first set and I am good to go for the second set and win the match but nothing worked.

“Well, I will work more for the next leg by working more in my shots placements and legs

“I just need to see that the next leg will be better.”

A spirited Oyinlomo added: “I will prepare for the next leg, wake up early and train more, like we always do.

“I will try my best next leg because this is my career,”

These words of encouragement from the player herself will be enough to fire her up for the next phase of the competition which starts immediately after the first leg (in Togo) ends.

Nigerian Tennis Lie will keep up with the progress of the Nigerian players in the competition and keep our readers abreast of happenings around them.


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