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I Can Produce A Nigerian Who Will Win The Lagos Open In Five Years – Igbinovia

Former Nigerian number one male tennis player, Jonathan Igbinovia, has vowed to produce a Nigerian who can win the Lagos Open International Tennis Championship in five years.

In an exclusive chat with Nigeria Tennis Live, the former national champion noted that it doesn’t take so much to have a Nigerian win the competition if the right things are put in place.

While making his intentions known, the Arizona, US-based former tennis star revealed that if he gets a proper investment plan for any player, in five years, he will produce a winner for the ITF World Tour event, or refund the money spent.

“In five years, right now, there can be a Nigerian that will win this tournament. And when I say five years, you have to start putting the work right now for that player to have the right mentality to see himself competing at this level,” he stated.

While emphasizing how sure he was if producing great players, he said: “If we get two players now, and we back them up with what they need – the proper training – in five years, I promise… I promise the sponsor, I’m going to provide a champion for them.

“If after five years, I don’t provide a champion, somebody that can win this, I promise, I will give back what was given to that kid. I will give it back.

“That money that the sponsor invested in that kid and I’m in charge of it, and the kid does not win this tournament between now and five years, I will give it back. 

“I am blessed enough. I will give back that money to that sponsor,” the former Atlanta-based tennis coach stated.


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