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How Would You Rate The Nigeria Tennis Federation In 2019?

Nigerian tennis players, officials and administrators are already done with the activities for the year 2019, as the tournaments have been concluded already.

Members of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) will also, at this time, be taking stock of their activities for the year, and check how much success or otherwise they have recorded in more than three hundred days of the year.

The players will be thinking of how they’ve come in the outgoing year, the number of tournaments they have been involved in and how many trophies won in the process.

In spite of the challenges tennis in Nigeria has faced over the years, there were a minimum of four national tournaments, five weeks of ITF World Tour competition and two weeks of Junior ITF tournaments in the country.

Most of these tournaments – including the junior circuits – were won by Nigerians, apart from the World Tour events which were dominated, as always, by the more experienced foreign players.

There have also been other activities and event which characterized the activities of the tennis federation in the outgoing year, some of which tennis followers, observers do not favour at any rate.

It is not unusual for people to have their reservations about the Engr. ‘Dayo Akindoju-led federation in this outgoing year, therefore it is pertinent to ask Nigerian tennis observers, followers, and players alike, what they think about the year in review.

What’s your rating of the tennis federation in 2019?


  1. Honestly, what is important is comparing your yesterday and today. If you compare 2018 to this year obviously a lot of improvement have been made. The most appreciated to me is the recent gathering of coaches from all over the federation for a Coaches Education program at Abuja organised in conjunction with the ITF.
    kudus to you guys, trusting you all for a better 2020.


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