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How Many Tennis Coaches, Facilities Does Nigeria Have? – Koye Sowemimo

Koye Sowemimo, a Nigerian Sports Marketing expert and tennis enthusiast, has called for a structural approach to tennis development in Nigeria, an ingredient which he says has been missing for many years.

He noted, with passion, how it is difficult for the individuals to have access to information about tennis coaches, facilities, and other important tennis requirements in the country.

Sowemimo, the founder of K.S Management, made these observations during an interview with Nigeria Tennis Live on Instagram.

The one-time Director of Sports at the Temple Management Company which scouted and groomed Nigerian youngster, Marylove Edwards, noted that the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) has to do more for tennis in Nigeria.

He explained emphatically, that coaches’ education should be taken seriously as well as players’ development, and that there should be an accessible database of Nigerian coaches, among others.

“I can’t go on the NTF website today and find a list of coaches, I can’t go on the NTF website today and find a list of tennis facilities that my son or daughter can go to.

“Okay, I’m in Lagos state, which tennis court can I access? Which coaches are available to train my daughter or son at this time?

“That is why you then find out that the parents are the ones who have to do the worries by themselves,” Mr. Sowemimo noted.

He further spoke on how Nigerian tennis players can get sponsors and why some of these sponsorship deals don’t last even when they are mega deals worth millions of naira.

Nigeria Tennis Live will publish the details in subsequent editions on our website for our ardent readers scattered across the globe.


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