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How Injury Ruined My Tennis Season – Adetunji

South Africa-based tennis sensation, Adetayo Adetunji, has lamented bitterly, how her plans for the year 2019 were truncated by an unprecedented injury worry.

In a brief chat with Nigeria Tennis Live, the tennis youngster revealed that her plans were scuffled after injury slowed her plans down having only recently finished her first year of university tennis.

Adetayo who was one of Nigeria’s shining stars at international competitions, lamented how she had to undergo surgery to correct one of the challenges with her bone.

She said: “This year was a very different year for me. I finished up my first year of university tennis, and began my second year. The first year went very well! I am proud of my performance.

“At the beginning of my second year I found out i had a bone spur, and had to have surgery to remove it, so I haven’t played since October, as I am currently in the process of recovery.”

While also noting that her targets for year 2020 may also be slowed down by the injury, she expressed optimism in getting back stronger and play some matches in the tennis season.

“Targets for this year were just competing well with my school team! Which I did! Next year, I am still recovering till March, and hopefully I will recover in time to still play a couple of matches during my season,” Adetajo enthused.

On Oyinlomo Quadre’s recent run of form, she confessed that she was following and remains incredibly proud of her achievements in 2019.

“It was amazing! She is making so many strides in her tennis! And I’m proud of her.

“Some of her strengths include her being able to stay in points long while still being aggressive! I know her game at net was very good and precise,” she said.


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