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Exhibition Match: I Feel Sad Losing To A Lady – Ayoola

Michael Ayoola says he feels sad to have lost his exhibition match to Oyinlomo Quadre on Sunday evening.

Quadre, the Nigerian number one female tennis player, saw off a spirited challenge by Ayoola at the tennis section of the Victoria Garden City (VGC) Sports Club.

But the young man with whom she has trained several times, is really sad that he lost the match to a female in spite of pre-match warning by some of the club members.

Michael Ayoola was left frustrated for the better part of the exhibition match on Sunday, 9 August, 2020. Photo: Nigeria Tennis Live

In a brief chat with Nigeria Tennis Live after the entertaining encounter which was cheered by club members, the youngster noted that he felt really glad to have returned to the court in the midst of the pandemic.

He stated, however, that he felt disappointed in himself and unhappy, too, that he lost to a lady.

“I was very glad to have been able to play again after the Coronavirus affected athletes all over the world and I was glad that I could play the way I played.

“But I feel very unhappy to have lost the match to a lady, I feel so bad…” Ayoola mentioned to Nigeria Tennis Live.

When reminded that she is Nigeria’s number one female tennis player, the young man noted that it doesn’t matter.

“I watched her play before I started playing tennis. It was even her dad that introduced me to tennis. She is a good player, and she will definitely go far,” he added.

Asked why he lost to the top African junior tennis star, Ayoola explained that: “I was not playing with my confidence.

“I was just shaking, with a lot of members (because this is my club) saying I must not lose the match, and some saying she will beat me.

“I was under pressure most of the time, and it really affected my game.”

On whether he thinks any male player can defeat the youngster since he couldn’t, the ebony-skinned player noted that she is too difficult to beat.

“Presently, no player in Nigeria can beat her. I give it to her, she is good. In ten years, nobody can beat Oyinlomo in Nigeria,” he added.

The exhibition match was organized by Mr. Shina Atilola, a tennis enthusiast and member of the VGC Tennis Club, to showcase the youngsters’ talents.

It was also put together to help find sponsorship for the players to get opportunities to play professional tennis.



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