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EXCLUSIVE! Young Nigerian Tennis Star Set To Represent USA In Inter-Club Tourney (PHOTOS)

Nigerian youngster, Gabriel Inyang, is making waves in the United States of America, where he went on a month-long training, with some spectacular performances.

Naija Tennis Special had reported that young Nigerian tennis prodigy, was making Nigeria proud with his eye-catching display at the IMG Tennis Academy in Florida, USA, where he was sponsored by WAKANOW, Azimuth Shipping and VGC Tennis Club members on a month-long training.

Gabriel Inyang, the Nigerian youngster making waves in the United States of America

But he has been snapped up by another tennis academy in the States, Zina Garrison Tennis Academy, and he shall be representing them in a tournament starting on Friday.

The young Inyang, who was the only black kid at the IMG Tennis Academy- the biggest in the world- has been hailed to do well in future and has been groomed by the tennis enthusiasts around, including his father.

Dark-skinned Inyang enjoying himself among his peers in the US

Narrating how they came about the latest development, dad, Richard Inyang, said: “we came down to Houston, Texas to visit my cousin so that we can participate in some USTA tournament since we were through with the IMG training.

“On getting here, I took a walk around to check out courts we could train with and we found ourselves here at Zina Garrison Tennis Academy, where I met one of Nigeria’s tennis greats by name Segun Balogun.

Inyang being put through at the Garrison Tennis Academy, Houston, Texas, USA

“Zina, Lori and John Wilkerson are in charge of the academy and being among the top 5 in the world during their playing days, they were really impressed with the way our son was playing.

“Then, they decided that he has to go to the ATA championship with them. I was told that it is a big event which comes up only once in a year and the Academy and they have offered to take up all expenses.

Inyang returning a ball during the training session yesterday in Houston, Texas, USA

“Hopefully, he will do well there before we return to Nigeria, and make all of us proud”.

All things being equal, Gabriel and his dad will return to the shores of Nigeria in the next eight days, Naija Tennis Special shall bring you exclusive pictures of their arrival.


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