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EXCLUSIVE: NTF Gives Update On 2023 Rainoil Tennis Championship

The Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) has given an update on the conduct of the 2023 edition of Rainoil Tennis Open Championship.

Rumors had been rife that the organizers of the competition may not be open to holding the tournament in 2023 for reasons best known to the players and tennis followers.

Tennis officials had initially noted that the tournament would not take place this year as the organizers were favorably indisposed to hosting it due to players’ actions from the previous year.

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But the President of the NTF, Engr. Dayo Akindoju, has now made a clarification on the chances of the competition being hosted, to quell the rumors in town.

In an exclusive chat with Nigeria Tennis Live on Monday, 20 November, 2023, Akindoju revealed that the organizers of the Rainoil Championship are not open to sponsoring the 2023 edition owing to the player’s strike action.

According to him, the organizers are not convinced about hosting the 2023 edition of the competition as they noted that the players’ action in 2022 almost brought the name of their organization to disrepute.

When asked about the chances of the Rainoil Championship being held this year, he said: “Not likely. The sponsor said last year experience with the players strike almost brought their name to disrepute.

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“They are not hosting this year. They will consider returning next year.”

The NTF President further stated that he is still in talks with the sponsors of the Rainoil Championship, however, with the hope that they might reconsider their stance.

“I am still talking to him though. I expect a good response. I even offered to him hosting in Abuja,” he added.

As things stand, and with about 40 days to the end of the year, Nigerian tennis players will be hoping that the Rainoil Championship which has been one of the more consistent tennis competitions in Nigeria for some years now, will be held.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep our readers informed about any update concerning the tournament as soon as any information is made available.


  1. Maybe we should take a look into why there was strike last year. We need to ask ourselves some critical questions. We need to ask everyone to speak their truth; hear from the Rainoil, NTF and the players. If the NTF is open, they won’t be begging for sponsorship.

  2. I read through this post.
    Rainoil takes their stance that Players striked and it almost drag their name down.
    NTF in talks with Rainoil to reconsider, Not Bad as well.
    Players are sidelined in this issue.


    If this is not addressed, All parties will just be deceiving themselves and the general public wont know what exactly happened.

    I hope will just remain neutral and report the news as it is, without any bias or being the talking point to a particular party.

    • This is actually an issue that we just hope to escalate as widely as possible with a view to finding a lasting solution. It's in everybody's best interest that we keep having this tournament.

    • It has just been posted to our website. But you can read here:


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