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EXCLUSIVE: Nigeria’s Oyinlomo Speaks On Disappointing Loss In Tunisia, Sets Sight On Next Junior ITF Circuit In Algeria

Nigeria’s Oyinlomo Quadre has shoved aside the disappointment of losing out in the first round of the Grade 2 ITF Junior Circuit in Tunisia, in spite of the fact that she put in a lot of efforts to get to the second round.

In an exclusive chat with Nigeria Tennis Live from Tunisia where the tournament is still holding, the young tennis prodigy explained that she played really well even though the results were not a reflection of her performance in Tunisia.

According to her, the Grade 2 ITF Junior Circuit was a nice event for her tennis development and she did all she could while her adventure lasted, but things just did not go her way when it mattered the most.

Asked what her experience was at the Tunisian capital, she said: “It was a very good experience.

“I played some very good matches as well.”

Speaking on what happened during her only match in the Main Draw, the youngster noted that she did all she was supposed to do rightly, but things just did not go her way when it mattered the most.

“Well, I was so close to winning the match every time.

“I was playing good, going for my strokes… but in the important points, I made some unnecessary mistakes that cost me the match,” she lamented.

On what her next plan is, she informed that she would be traveling to Algeria where she shall be playing another Junior ITF Circuit (this time Grade 4) as she continues to develop her tennis.

According to her: “In two weeks, I shall be travelling to Algeria.”

Nigeria Tennis Live will continue monitoring the player’s tennis development and report her progress.


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