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EXCLUSIVE: Marylove Reveals Where She Would Be In Five Years

Young Nigerian tennis prodigy, Marylove Edwards, has revealed where the world should expect to see her in the coming years.

In an exclusive interview with Nigerian Tennis Live, the IMG Academy entrant explained how her change of environment has really helped grow her game and confidence on the court.

Edwards noted that the change of environment, facilities and coaches definitely affected her game in so many ways and that she is getting better by the day, especially with the amount of encouragement she gets from her coaches.

Marylove says she will be playing the WTA Seniors in the next five years.

“I miss my family, my friends and my dad.

“Moving away from my family was kind of weird but I soon got used to it. The food too was different… tacos, white rice are the most eaten here, but I am coping and getting better,” the junior Nigerian star stated.

Asked what she thinks has gotten better at since she left for the United States, the talented player told Nigerian Tennis Live that her change of ‘tennis’ environment has helped her become more of a net player.

“I changed my game and learnt to be more of a net player.

“We get a lot of encouragements from the coaches here and they put us through real tennis; it’s quite unlike some of the things we are used to in Nigeria.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to my sponsors for helping me gain more experience in my professional career. I promise to make them proud,” Edwards excitedly said.

On where she thinks she would be in the next five years, the 2017 Senior CBN Tennis Open proudly said: “In the next five years, I see myself playing WTA Seniors. I promise to make Nigerians proud.”


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