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Every Tennis Swing Tells A Story – Real Life Experience

Every tennis swing has a story to tell. In order to stay focused on the tennis court, one must put some technicalities regarding tennis games in plan.

First is to wake up your muscles, so that when you call it, it can answer. Tennis is a game of pace and space, doing the homework is best for playing growth. You pace yourself to play to space while the opponents play to your advantage. 

The game of tennis requires a calculative mind and efficient balance to ground yourself in the game. The more creative you are with your swings, the more dominant you become in the game. You are able to control the game to your advantage as long as you are following through what has been embedded within you in tennis training. 

I have watched and experienced real life tennis matches where one has to be swift and swing in a manner that’s not understood by one’s opponent, this requires training as one is forging patterns for oneself and creating a trademark for that swing.

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Each movement counts in tennis, with proper leg work followed by creative swings, getting ahead of the game is a matter of time as you are able to break the opponent’s defense with your uniqueness.

I have been in some kind of match situations where I had to change my rhythm before I triumphed, and the same applies to the pros, they switch up patterns of play to different dynamics to be able to tame the opponent’s defense and swing through in elegant version. 

My personal experience was on 26 October, 2023, with Coach Buchi at Adejumo Tennis Courts. I achieved a personal goal which I had been trying to achieve – consistency, balance and accuracy. 

I wasn’t feeling too well that day, but I got goals to chase and I couldn’t make excuses or repeat the lessons I had the chance to grasp at once. So I started being conversional and assertive with my swings, not that strongly, but I was responding to the rally.

I started communicating with myself and assuring myself that I just needed to keep doing me, what is coming will be taken care of. This was how I liberated myself from impostor syndrome.

I was able to achieve 50 steady singles court rally with my very efficient coach Buchi at Adejumo Tennis Club and Sport Development Centre, Ejigbo. I was able to document this feat because it was a pure reflection of conversational swings from my side.

My coach was efficient and practical, disciplined and focus, he just kept launching out his techniques in a strict manner.

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I couldn’t be too formal with him, he was following a strict code of training, and I had to do something informal to be able to respond to his rally. This was where my swings started moving unconventionally and the feat was achieved even in my tired state.

I found strength by controlling my output, each swing – different storyline. This enabled me to achieve the 50 singles rally feat.

I believe I am not the only one who has achieved greatness from their tired states, people just do something different that changes the rhythm of the game.

How you respond to incoming tennis balls matters, where you send the ball messages to matters, not just hitting with force without aim, swing it around in a creative assertive direction.

Tell a story with your swings in an assertive manner and you will have a great rally and heightened momentum.



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