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Etoro Bassey: Akwa-Ibom’s Golden Girl Who Dreams Of Pro Tennis

At only 16 years, Etoro Emmanuel Bassey has already left an indelible mark on the tennis courts with her exceptional talent and unwavering determination.

In the vibrant State of Akwa Ibom, the young tennis prodigy is making waves, her journey from a high school graduate to a rising star in tennis is a compelling story of passion, resilience, and an unyielding drive to succeed.

For Etoro, sports have always been a central part of her life, but it was tennis that truly captivated her heart. “Watching others play, I thought I could do more,” she says, reflecting on her initial inspiration.

“It’s a one-man sport, and I have the chance to express myself.” This desire to excel and the individuality that tennis offers ignited her journey into the sport.

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Etoro’s competitive journey began with her participation in the Azimuth Shipping Line Tennis Championship, her first junior tournament.

Remarkably, she reached the semi-finals in both the under-14 and under-16 categories, earning two bronze medals. This early success set the stage for a series of impressive performances in subsequent tournaments.

One of her most cherished memories is winning her first trophy at the MTN Junior Tennis Championship. “My happiest day always remains the first time I lifted my first trophy,” she recalls with a smile.

This victory was a turning point, fueling her passion for the sport and propelling her to greater heights.

Etoro Bassey

Etoro views every match as an opportunity for growth, whether she wins or loses. “Winning for me is addictive, but when I lose, I learn from it,” she explains. This perspective has been instrumental in her development as a player, allowing her to turn setbacks into valuable lessons.

Her dedication and hard work paid off when she won the CBN Junior Tennis Championship in 2022, earning the title of Most Improved Player. In addition, she has consistently reached the quarter-finals or semi-finals in various tournaments, demonstrating her competitive edge and resilience.

Etoro’s journey extends beyond national competitions. Her performance on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) tour has been impressive, with two trophies in doubles and a singles final to her name. Currently, she is competing in the VEMP and CBN Seniors in Abuja, further honing her skills and gaining international experience.

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This GEUF Tennis Academy player draws inspiration from both male and female tennis players. Among Nigerian players, she looks up to Daniel Adeleye.

“He’s always so relaxed while playing his match, and he is so confident, making tennis look easy,” she says about the 2024 VEMP Open Men’s Singles finalist. This calm and composed approach is something she strives to emulate in her own game.

Serena Williams is another significant influence on Etoro’s career. She is inspired by Serena’s resilience and determination.

“Despite the fact that everything was against her, she kept rising,” Etoro says. “When all the design was on Maria Sharapova to reign, she rose. When all the crowd were against her, she rose.” Serena’s ability to overcome adversity and achieve greatness resonates deeply with Etoro, motivating her to push through challenges.

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Her ultimate goal is to play professional tennis, and she is well aware of the effort required to reach that level. “More hard work and determination,” she asserts, are what she needs to elevate her game.

However, her ambitions extend beyond personal success. She envisions a future where she can mentor and inspire the next generation of tennis players. “Any level I get to, I must raise a successor that will get higher. We have a continuity plan,” she says with determination.

Etoro Emmanuel Bassey’s journey showcases the power of passion, determination, and resilience. From her early days in Akwa Ibom to competing on international stages, she has shown remarkable talent and an unwavering commitment to succeed.

Her story is not just about personal victories but also about inspiring future generations and contributing to the growth of tennis.

As she continues to rise, she embodies the spirit of a true champion, poised to make a lasting impact on the world of tennis and beyond.



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