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Coronavirus: Parent Laments How Lockdown Has Affected Her Children

Mrs. Onoja, mother of Iye and Neku Onoja, two of Nigeria’s young tennis players, has revealed how much the lockdown has affected her children’s tennis.

Since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, tennis activities had been grounded all over the world.

Players remained indoors with their families and tennis events were limited over concerns the virus may spread unnecessarily.

Following this development which has also affected Nigerian tennis players, Mrs. Onoja noted that her children have added a lot of weight by staying indoors.

According to her, regular tennis activities helped the children stay fit and agile all year long, but since the lockdown was effected and tennis activities grounded, the same cannot be said of her tennis-playing children.

She made this revelation during an interview with Nigeria Tennis Live on Instagram, where she made many other revelations.

“My children have all added so much weight,” she said when asked how the lockdown may have affected their tennis.

“It’s been quite hectic, very hectic I tell you.”

Speaking further, she said: “Of course, (the lockdown has affected them) in so many ways.

“Their tennis play would have dropped, and by the time we get back to courts, we would see that being displayed.

“And talk about physically, they’ve added so much weight. I keep complaining about their fitness, there’s no tennis to help them trim down the weight.”

Mrs. Onoja added that even though they had been doing series of exercises to stay fit, it does not measure up to what tennis does for them.

“They just keep eating and eating, no courts to go burn it.

“The simple machines around and the jogging they do still don’t match the tennis they play, no.

“I always complain. You need to see my son growing pot belly.

“It affects me too, as a parent, because I always use the opportunity to take them out to play.

“It affects them too, not being able to go out to play tennis, you know,” she explained.

The tennis-loving parent also took time out to rate the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) and their activities.

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