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BREAKING: Nigeria Misses Out On Orange Bowl As US Embassy Denies Quadre Visa Yet Again

Nigeria Tennis Live can report that youngster, Oyinlomo Quadre, has been denied US visa yet again, to participate in the Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl tournaments.

The player had been denied entry visa to the United States earlier and had vowed to reapply. But even though she got the invitation to play the competitions, she was denied yet again.

With this development, Nigeria had lost out on the biggest opportunity of the year – having our player on the world stage.

Asked how the interview went, a disappointed Quadre told Nigeria Tennis Live after the denial, that: “Yes, I have attended and was denied again.”

On what their reason for denying her the visa was, she stated: “No reason as usual, they just gave the slip.”

Quadre got an invite to the competitions on the backdrop of her impeccable performances throughout the year.

She won her first ever Grade ITF title in Morocco early this year and has risen up the ladder to become Africa’s number four junior player.

Her invitation to the Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl tournaments would have capped an outstanding year for the youngster and she would have probably been the first Nigerian to participate in the competition.

She will now return to her base in Morocco to continue with her tennis education and development.



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