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BREAKING: From Zero Ranking Point, Quadre ‘Flies’ To Top 400 In The World

Nigeria’s Oyinlomo Quadre has been rewarded for her impressive performances at the recently concluded ITF Junior Circuits in Togo and Benin Republic with a new impressive ranking point.

According to Naija Tennis Special checks on the ITF site on the ranking released on Monday, 26 September, Quadre’s ranking now stands at 433 in the world from a relatively unknown position on the world ranking.

With her unbelievable 125 points, Quadri is the highest placed Nigerian on the U-18 world junior ranking, with the closest person to her being Angel McCleod, another outstanding Nigerian talent who also made her mark in the tournaments.

Quadre posing with one of the players at the ITF Junior Circuit in Togo where she broke and set records.

Speaking to our correspondent after the new rankings were released, Coach Abel Ubiebi noted that he was not disappointed with his player’s ranking.

“We are still happy with this new development, eventhough it would have been better if she had moved up further than she has presently,” the man fondly referred to as Coach Abel told our correspondent.

“We just need to keep working hard and dream high and high until we achieve the unbelievable,” he added.

The new ranking points as released by the ITF on Monday, September 26, 2016.

Up next for the Nigerian starlet are encounters with top world players who will be at the Riad 21 and Raquette D’Or tournaments scheduled to hold in Morocco from October 17 and 24 respectively.

On the chances of Quadre coming out tops in the tournaments, the coach said it would be a tough one for her, but he believes that she has already proven to everyone how unpredictable she could be after beating players in top 300 in the world.

“I believe in her o,” the coach said in a typical Nigerian intonation.

“Someone who could defeat players in the top 300? She is capable of doing anything anywhere right now.

“All we need to do is to work on her mental alertness and for her, she has to listen to her coach from the ITF development centre who will be at the centre court to give her orders during the tournaments,” Coach Abel noted.


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