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Biafra Agitation: No Cause For Alarm Across Match Venues – NCC Assures

As tension mounts all over Nigeria over the recent military operation in the south eastern part of Nigeria, organisers of the ongoing NCC Tennis League have allayed fears of any security threat at their match venues, Naija Tennis Special can exclusively report.

There had been reports that Abia, Imo and neighbouring states have become impenetrable in the past few days following the operation python dance exercise by the Nigerian military, which has allegedly led to the demise of some agitators.

Reports also had it that in some parts of Rivers state, an incident of unrest which led to the death of some individuals, was recorded.

Sunday Emmanuel is one of the stars of the ongoing NCC Tennis League.

But when our correspondent put a call through to Mr. Godwin Kienka, the coordinator of the league, he allayed any such worries that may be expressed by the players, coaches, umpires and administrators at the match venues.

He noted emphatically that there was no reason for any form of fear for the players as the venues have always been safely guarded since the commencement of the League, adding that the tension in the country has not changed the situation.

“There is no way the unrest will affect any of our venues, they are not in any way connected, and it cannot affect our match venues.

“All our venues have always been safe and this was something we made sure of since the beginning of the league; we have not lowered our guard and will never take the issue of security of the players and teams for granted,” Mr. Kienka, the director of the International Tennis Academy, stated.

Asked if Port Harcourt-based Team Kalotari will not be affected by the recent onslaught reported in Rivers state, he said: “Nothing of such will happen in Port Harcourt. Like I said, all our venues were carefully chosen to ensure the safety of these players.

“The teams do not have anything to worry about, they will all be safe.”


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