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AZIMUTH Lines Junior Championship: 10-yr Old Ogunshakin Overpowers Emmanuel, 13, In Boys U-14 Second Round Encounter

Oluwaseun Ogunshakin put on a spirited display to take down Emmanuel Musa, a 13 years old player, in their second round encounter at the AZIMUTH Shipping Lines Limited Junior Tennis Championship presently taking in Lagos.

The Ekiti-born defending champion in the boys U-12 had difficulties sparring against his opponent who was a really tough player, but he overcame his opponent in the second set after so much struggle.

After the encounter, he told Nigeria Tennis Live that it was a really tough match for him, but he overcame nonetheless.

“Tough in the first set, easy in the second. I used the first set to read him, and used his weakness against him in the second set,” an elated Ogunshakin told our correspondent.

Speaking after the encounter, Musa noted that his opponent was a better player in the game, but that he now knows how best to approach him subsequently. 

“I know that I was not serving well in the match. I didn’t expect that I’d lose the match, my dad asked me to play my game because there’s nothing to lose.

“I wasn’t not okay, actually, I had a few issues with my shoulder and it affected me, but that’s not to say that he is not a good player.

“He has a good forehand, and next time I play him, I’ll try to attack his backhand with a spin because he’s not so good with it,” the youngster noted.

The tournament continues on Thursday as the top players are separated from the pretenders prior to the finals of the competition.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep up with updates from the competition and report as the tournament progresses to its business end.


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