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Azimuth Junior Championship Sponsor Increases Price Money For Education Grant

Winners of the ongoing Azimuth Shipping Lines Junior Tennis Championships will count themselves lucky after the sponsor of the tournament, Captain S. O. Martins announced an increase in the price money for the education grant.

In a message made available to Nigeria Tennis Live, it was rightly confirmed that the tennis aficionado has now decided to pay N10,000 more than what was paid to winners of the last edition.

Instead of the N40,000 education grant given to eventual winners, they now get N50,000; and for the runners up, the educational grant has been increased from N20,000 to N30,000.

Such is the generosity of the sponsor that he extended the education grant to the semifinalists in this year’s competition. For every player that falls out in the semifinal category, there’s a N20,000 education grant as well.

The first and second place winners will also get trophies, tennis bags for their efforts while quarter finalists have been assured of two packs of strings as compensation.

As a footnote, the organizers informed that the new development is applicable to all categories.

The 2nd Azimuth Shipping Junior Tennis championship is presently in its quarterfinal stage, and the matches which were postponed on Thursday, 24 January, due to heavy downpour, are now scheduled to hold on Friday, 25 January alongside the semis fixtures.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep up with the information from the tournament and report to our teeming tennis followers scattered across the globe.


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