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Abuja Futures: Ireland-based Nigerian Youngster Set To Get Wild Card

Nigerian Tennis Live checks have revealed that Adebola Obasoto, the UK-based Nigerian tennis sensation may have an opportunity of playing in his first ITF Futures when the three-legged ITF Futures kicks off in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital.

The 17-year-old tennis wizkid who has the experience of traveling to play tournaments in some European countries once told our correspondent in an exclusive chat that he can become the best in the world before clocking 22, and may yet have been presented with the opportunity to do just that.

UK-based Obasoto will have the opportunity to compete against top players on the circuit when he arrives Nigeria for the ITF Futures in Abuja.

According to Engr. Dayo Akindoju, sponsor of the Dayak ITF Futures, Obasoto is a player for the future and one whom Nigerian tennis followers should also take note of, hence the offer of a wild card for him to compete in the second leg of the ITF Futures.

Asked what will happen to the remaining wild cards, Akindoju who doubles as the president of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF), stated categorically that Nigerian players may have to play for the slot.

“That young boy who will be coming from the UK is the only one who may have been guaranteed the wild card slot for now.

“Nigerian players may have to fight for the wild card because I really want them to see beyond just getting the slot to get $200 and leave afterwards.

“My dream is to see them striving to win the competition against all odds,” the NTF president noted in a chat with Nigerian Tennis Live.


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