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17-year-old Ireland-based Nigerian Eyeing 2018 Gov’s Cup Wins U-18 Tourney In The UK

Adebola Obasoto, the 17-year-old Ireland -based tennis youngster born to Nigerian parents, has won the Birchwood L & TC Winter Regional Tour for U-18 boys.

According to information made available to Nigerian Tennis Live, the youngster who represented Nigeria at the ITF Junior Circuit recently held across three weeks in Benin Republic and Togo, was the number one seed at the tournament and he proved his rating by defeating all his opponents en route to the medal placing on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

Obasoto, who believes he can become the best player in the world at the age of 22, is regarded as one of the best talents in his category across the United Kingdom, and has regularly justified the high ratings with spectacular performances.

The win, our correspondent gathered, has also qualified Obasoto for an automatic entrance into Grade 2 British tour to play against some of the best UK players in his age category from 26-28 October.

Young Adebola poses with the medal he won at the British tournament on Sunday, 8 October, 2017.

An elated Yemi Obasoto, the player’s father, told Nigerian Tennis Live that: “When he moved to UK last year, he did not have any ranking point despite being number one in Ireland, so he had to start from the scratch to build his ranking.

“Because of that he could not play in any grade two tournament unless he got a wild card or get in if a player withdraws. But if he wins any grade three competition, he gets automatic entry into grade two British tour which he got after the win on Sunday.”

Mr. Yemi stated further that he and his wife are doing a lot to make their son get better in the sport and he has repaid their confidence in him by winning laurels upon laurels.
He noted however, that: “We cannot do it alone, because there are a lot of tournaments he has to attend to get him to the very top that we all are aiming for him.

“For instance, the last time we came to Africa, we spent a lot of money and even though he could not go so far in the competition (it was his first time in Africa), the people who saw him realized how much potentials he possesses.

“We were encouraged to have him attend the (ongoing) Governor’s Cup Tennis tournament in Lagos, but we could not afford to have him stay in Africa for another three weeks because of the expenses and because I had to return to work.

“Our long term plan is to have him play as many ITF pro-circuits as there are from 2018, including the Futures in Nigeria, but we need sponsorship.

“If we get partial sponsorship for him, everything would still be fine, because that is one of the reasons we have been unable to make things work for him as much as we want.”


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